Stephan ‘Woo’ Cude
Sr. Technical SEO Manager

Sr. Technical
SEO Manager

Experienced with

Technical SEO

Crawlability, Dynamic Pages, Schema, CWVs

Project Managment

JIRA, Sprints, Grooming, Working with Devs

On-Page SEO

Keywords, Metadata, Content, Inlinking, Localization

Web Design

Domains, Hosting, HTML, CSS, WooCommerce

More about me

Johnni and Woo at Joshua Tree

Experienced managing technical SEO programs for enterprise level websites; from keyword research to driving large-scale SEO projects across multiple departments, my skills are up to date and have proven effective for increasing visitors and sales.

My experience has given me a solid understanding of auditing, crawling, dynamic page creation, data-feeds, content management systems, analytics, forecasting, local listings, e-commerce, numerous software applications, and most importantly – working with developers.

I built my first website long ago to feature my etchings. Since then, I have built many websites for various people and sometimes have even gotten paid for it! My freelance work has taught me a lot about using HTML and CSS, and has allowed me dabble in email marketing, social marketing, affiliate programs, and paid search.

To go with my well-rounded background; I am sincere, honest, hard-working, fun, friendly, and very well-mannered. Please do not hesitate to contact with me questions, comments, or new opportunities.

Career history


2022 Performance review feedback
Woo is a key part of the SEO team because of his technical SEO knowledge, proactivity, positivity, and genuine curiosity that drives his love for problem solving. The SEO team is lucky to have a skilled and dedicated team member.

– Katie, SEO Director – Leafly

Woo is a good good boy. He makes yummy food and is super cozy. 

– Herzie, Life Coach



Built a new version of the website using WordPress, Elementor, and WooCommerce. Adapted WooCommerce Subscriptions to handle non-digital goods, pre-paid subscriptions, and expanded gifting options.

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